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Transform Your Interior With Decorative Wall Panels

Walls don’t have to be boring. Feature walls have long been recognised as an excellent way to create a stylish interior. A feature wall creates a focus point in an otherwise bland room and forms character. Whilst paint combinations or wallpaper is traditionally used to create a decorative wall, textured panels offer a more striking, modern, 3D effect.

Wall panelling is very versatile and comes in a range of styles to create different looks. Both traditional and contemporary spaces in residential or commercial settings can be transformed.

Wood Panels

Timber panelled walls bring warmth, character and elegance. Timber panelling has been utilised for covering walls for hundreds of years. With numerous wood species and colours to choose from, the décor styles that can be achieved are endless. Styles may be contemporary or traditional depending on the size, staining and spacing of the panelling. Just as with wooden floors, wooden walls can be applied in a number of ways to create a unique design. The direction of the timber planks and the variety can have a great impact on the overall look.

Stone & Brick Effect

Natural materials such as brickwork or stone can be replicated with textured wall panels. The end result can be modern or traditional, and they create an excellent focal point for any space. These natural effect panels create a sense of ‘bringing the outside in’ and make indoor spaces seem more connected with the outside world. Lighting can be used to enhance the 3D texture of the panels. Exposed brick walls are on-trend due to the unique character that they bring to the room, but with wall panelling, you get the effect without the hassle.

Glossy PVC Panelling

PVC Panels make a bold or subtle statement and come in a range of colours and finishes suitable for any desired look. From pastel shades to bright colours, PVC panels such as Altro Whiterock Satin and Altro Chameleon can transform any space and they’re particularly beneficial for contemporary spaces. Some good uses of PVC wall panelling include: adding a splash of your brand’s colour to your office or reception, creating a bold splashback in your kitchen, or livening up a dull bathroom. They can be used in a number of environments which makes them extremely versatile.

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