A good quality hardwood floor will increase the value of your property and enrich any interior.

Choosing the right species of wood flooring for you is strictly a matter of your style, budget and personal preference. Oak flooring is by far the most popular type of hardwood chosen for flooring in Cornwall, however other species of wood flooring are available.to achieve a unique look.With a choice of a factory applied oil or lacquer finish in various sheen levels your hardwood floor will have a durable coating to reduce maintenance and protect the wood against scratches and stains.

Hardwood flooring has certain benefits when compared to other hard flooring…….The look and feel Wooden floors add a natural charm to any room. There are endless possibilities in choosing a design to complement your current decor 

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Wooden flooring is more durable and lasts longer than ever before with the technology of modern protective finishes. Because of its longevity and durability, hardwood flooring possibly provides the best long-term value-for-money option compared to other types of flooring.

Wood is an insulator, helping to keep heat in when it is cold and the house cool when it is hot. Wood is also a fibrous material and it absorbs sound.

Wood will absorb impact better than other floor types because of its natural softness, making it potentially safer for places with children and babies.

The ability to renovate by sanding and re-sealing makes a wood floor a lifetime investment.


Although predominantly oak, our solid wood flooring planks are available in a wide range of timber species, plank widths and finishes. Solid wood planks are susceptible to movement and warping we will therefore only install solid wood planks where they can be solidly fixed with screws or flooring cleats.

Solid wood blocks, mosaics and strips are adhered to the subifloor and are particularly suitable for creating design floors with distinctive laying patters and marquetry strips.

Engineered wood floors are real wood floors that are manufactured using multiple layers of wood. The grain of each layer runs in perpendicular directions, which makes it very dimensionally stable. This means that the wood will expand and contract less than solid wood flooring during fluctuations in humidity and temperature. Whatever species of solid hardwood, there is an equivalent species of engineered wood flooring.

Our range of hardwood veneer flooring is essentially the same construction as laminate flooring but with a real wood veneer surface rather than a photographic one. Indistinguishable from a solid wood floor, the high density moisture resistant core  makes this flooring extremely resistant to indentation.

Popular Questions

Yes. The hardwood wear layer of various engineered floors will vary in thickness, however a standard thickness of 3mm may be re-sanded several times.

All hardwood floors should be cleaned regularly. When the floor begins to look a little dull, use wood floor cleaner and an oil or lacquer maintenance spray (which we can supply you with) to renew the lustre.

Not at all. An engineered hardwood floor has been designed to be more stable than a solid wood, is re-sandable and as it uses less hardwood is more environmentally friendly.  We consider engineered hardwood to be superior flooring to solid.

Of course, however we should point out that installing wood floors is a technical and complicated project. If it goes wrong (and the many calls we get from frustrated DIYers is testament to this) it can be costly and may mean replacing the entire floor. InVision interiors supply and install their flooring so the whole project is guaranteed.

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