As an alternative to tiles, Waterproof Wall Panels can create an attractive, functional and decorative finish that will last for years. Specifically designed for wet areas, panels are completely waterproof and unlike tiles do not require grouting and are very low maintenance once installed.

Panels can be fitted over existing surfaces, including tiles and can transform a room instantly.

Applications for waterproof wall panelling include:

    • Commercial kitchens
    • Bathrooms
    • Wetrooms
    • Washrooms
    • Canteens
    • Food Processing Areas
    • Changing Areas
    • Fast Food Outlets
    • Clinical rooms
    • Food Storage Areas

Altro Whiterock Walls

Altro Whiterock is the timeless alternative to ceramic tiles for areas where hygiene and durability are paramount – for full information see our Altro Whiterock Page


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  • Can waterproof panels be fixed directly to tiles?

    Yes. You we can fit panels directly to tiles as long as the tiles are secure and flat. We recommend that tiles are well cleaned and ideally sanded/roughed first to allow our adhesive to take a strong hold.

  • What are waterproof panels made of?

    Various types of panels are available. They may be constructed from solid PVC, laminated wood sheets or PVC which has a corrugated structure.

  • I sometimes get condensation in my bathroom. Will panels make any difference?

    The primary cure for condensation within the bathroom will always be by adequate ventilation. However, the construction of Waterproof Panels gives specific thermal properties so that they feel warm to the touch. As condensation forms when moist air touches a cold surface, such as ceramic tiling, you may find that the condensation will be reduced when panels are fitted.

  • What about the join between the panels and the floor?

    Dependant upon the type of panel we use specially designed profiles to ensure that the joins are completly waterproof.

  • Are waterproof panels cheaper than tiles?

    It depends. Waterproof wall panelling is designed to be better than tiles, not cheaper than tiles. Walls need to be thoroughly prepared to take ceramic tiles, and this can be a quite significant cost on top of the installation and purchase costs. Waterproof wall panelling is much more forgiving and will go up over a variety of substrates without any preparation.


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