Sheet Vinyl Flooring in Cornwall

here are two types of vinyl sheet flooring: homogeneous and heterogeneous flooring.

The homogeneous (solid) vinyls are made of one single layer of vinyl, usually 2mm thick and are available in a non-directional or marbleised decoration created by mixing coloured vinyl chips with the main material. Solid Vinyls are often available in sheet or tiles and are usually used in commercial applications.  They are manufactured from polyvinyl chloride resins and plasticizers; they are waterproof and very durable. A floor covered with solid vinyl, if maintained properly, can last a very long time without appearing old or worn.

Heterogeneous (layered) sheet flooring is a multi-layer flooring which comes in wide variety of beautiful patterns replicating natural materials with endless design possibilities. With variable thickness of wear layers available this vinyl sheet is suitable for domestic or commercial use. It often has inbuilt cushioning for comfort and improved acoustics.

Popular Questions

Vinyl flooring can last anywhere from 5-30 years. There are differences in quality between flooring products that can make the lifetime vary greatly. Care and maintenance are also very important factors to prolong the life cycle of your flooring.

Generally all your vinyl floor needs to shine is a good cleaning. When this doesn’t do the trick, follow your manufacturer’s recommendations to restore the shine. Some manufacturers have a special gloss floor finish that you can apply. Be careful to follow the maintenance procedure that your manufacturer recommends.

Some domestic sheet vinyls may be loose-laid, however in all commercial settings you vinyl will be adhered. Some sub-floor preparation may be necessary to provide a smooth, uncontaminated surface to ensure complete bonding.

Every installation is different. When we visit you our consultant will explain to you what will be necessary in your situation and provide you with a detailed quotation.

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