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Wet contaminants on flooring create a film that prevents complete contact between a shoe and the floor, which can result in a slip or fall. A wet film only needs to be 1-2 μm thick to prevent complete contact between a shoe and the flooring: that’s about one tenth the thickness of a human hair. Dry contaminants can act like millions of tiny ball bearings, which can also result in a slip or fall.

Safety flooring works by incorporating aggregates into the vinyl. If they’re sufficient in number and quality, they can penetrate the wet film to provide contact with the shoe, or sit proud to prevent the ball bearing effect of dry contaminants.

Providing sustained slip resistance and excellent durability these low maintenance safety floors are easy to clean and perfect for busy areas. Plus, they offer a great choice of colour, and chipped and non-chipped, stone and timber effect varieties for design flexibility.

There are different types of safety flooring that are each suited to certain kinds of properties and areas dependent upon the conditions in each area.

A commercial kitchen with regular spillages will need a floor that is heavy duty with enhanced slip resistance. Wet environments such as bathrooms, shower and changing areas not only pose a constant, extremely high risk of a slip or fall from water, but they also face an additional challenge from contaminants such as shower gels, shampoo and talcum powder and the need to be effective with bare feet.In a commercial front of house situation the colour and design of the floor will be a more important consideration.

Popular Questions

Safety floors have surfaces that are a rougher than standard surfaces, so it can take a little extra time or effort to get the dirt off the floor. The latest polyurethane surfaces have made cleaning much easier.

Manufacturer’s specification sheets give full information as to the correct product to use, however you InVision Consultant will ensure that the correct type of safety floor is specified for your particular situation.

Installed correctly, as it will be by InVision Interiors, safety Flooring can easily last for 10 years+ with life spans of up to 20 years. For product warranties please see the manufacturers brochures.

Safety flooring is completely impervious to water. Where there are any joins these are heat welded to make them fully waterproof and hygienic. The perimeters may be coved up the walls to avoid dirty corners and create a skirting that can easily be kept clean.

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