Laminate Flooring Installation in Cornwall

Laminate flooring is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product with the layers fused together. The bottom layer is a melamine protective backing to protect the core and balance the layers. The core is made from high-density-fibreboard, reinforced with resin to enhance durability and water resistance. Above the core is the image design layer, which is a high resolution image of wood or stone. The top layer is the highly resilient wear layer that protects the surface. The latest ‘registered embossing’ techniques give an authentic representation of the surface graining and imperfections that appear in the natural material.

If you would like a real hardwood floor but your budget doesn’t allow it, a quality laminate floor is a worthy substitute. Laminate is cheaper, more dent resistant and harder wearing than real wood. It cannot be sanded like real wood, but with a 25 year wear guarantee does it really matter? If your heart is set on real wood then you could consider our range of hardwood veneer flooring, which is essentially the same construction as laminate flooring but with a real wood veneer surface rather than a photographic one.

Laminate Flooring is sometimes seen as an inferior flooring product, no doubt due to huge amounts of poor quality laminate supplied by the DIY stores over the years, which their customers have fitted badly Our laminate floors, from renowned manufactuers such as Balterio and Elka, have exceptional durability and resistance to fading, scratching and chemical staining. The hard, easy to clean sealed surface makes it hygienic and healthy. We have a wide range of stylish finishes replicating the natural look and feel of wood or stone


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  • How is laminate flooring installed?

    Laminate is laid as a floating floor on top of an underlay, exactly as an engineered real wood floor would. The planks are securely attached with a locking system. As with any wood floor laminate flooring expands and contracts, it will therefore be necessary to fit perimeter beading or skirting to cover the required expansion gap.

  • What is the expected lifetime of a laminate floor?

    If cared for correctly, a good quality laminate could last a lifetime! Most of our laminates have a 25 year wear guarantee.

  • Where can I install Laminate flooring?

    Laminate flooring can be installed in almost any type of room. Floating laminate floors may  be installed over wood flooring, concrete, linoleum, tile, or almost any hard, flat surface, but not on carpet and not over another floating surface. Laminate flooring is not recommended for wet areas such as bathrooms.

  • Is a thicker laminate better quality?

    Thickness is not an indicator of quality. The quality of the materials and manufacturing are the important factors. A thicker laminate floor may be more substantial underfoot, however by using the correct underlays the acoustic properties of a laminate floor are similar to a real wood floor.



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