Floor Maintenance Services in Cornwall

InVision Interiors offers a professional floor maintenance service. We can renovate and maintain any type of hard flooring. This includes sanding, sealing, cleaning and polishing. We can also offer periodic deep cleaning and re-sealing of your floors as part of our Annual Floor Maintenance Contracts.Our floor maintenance services are ideal for commercial environments where the floor is subjected to high levels of foot traffic and wear. Regular cleaning and re-sealing of the floor will prevent damage, keeping the floor looking its best for years to come. Our professional and thorough floor renovation services can help to breathe a new lease of life into old and tired floors.

What We Offer


We can carry out a deep clean of your floor with our professional scrubber dryer machine, which removes even the toughest dirt, grime and scuff marks. The floor is then coated with a layer of polish to restore the floor’s finish and provide a protective layer.


When a hardwood floor is starting to look tired and worn, we can sand the surface to reveal a fresh new layer of material, restoring the floor to its original beauty. This service removes scratches and dullness to make the floor look as good as new.


Tired-looking and faded vinyl floors can be recovered with the application of coloured sealants, effectively restoring the floor’s original appearance or changing the colour and design altogether.

Commercial Floor Maintenance Services

Our deep clean service is carried out with a mechanical scrubber dryer, which effectively removes dirt, stubborn stains, old care products and adhesive residues from your floor. We use the optimal deep-cleaning agent recommended for your flooring and our high speed twin brush scrubber cleans to a standard that cannot be achieved with a traditional mop and bucket. The built-in dryer removes the dirty water leaving a crystal clean and dry surface to your floor.

Following a deep clean we recommend the application of a polymer sealer that gives a non-slip protective coating to your floor, bringing it back to the original perfect appearance and protecting the surface against wear and scratches. Periodically the Polymer seal should be removed and replaced with a perfect new seal coat. Polymer seals may be matt or gloss.

For long-term protection in very high traffic locations our 2 part polyurethane transparent sealer has outstanding durability. A PU Seal reduces dirt adhesion and the time needed for day-to-day maintenance. This hardwearing sealer film has excellent elasticity and good resistance against chemicals. Most quality vinyl floors have a thin coating of PU applied at the factory. On site we are able apply a much thicker coating, massively extending the lifetime of the floor. Floor joins and seams are also PU sealed.


We have found from experience that floor maintenance is often only carried out when floors are particularly soiled, worn or scratched. Floors not only look continually unkempt but left in this condition will very quickly wear out and need replacement.

Our Floor Maintenance contracts are designed to ensure that your floors consistently look in perfect condition and are not allowed to deteriorate. We are pleased to offer out-of-hours maintenance services to avoid business disruption.

Our Floor Maintenance contracts include the following:

  • Cleaning Staff Consultation and Training.
  • Professional advice on cleaning techniques and suitable products, ensures that your regular cleaning regime is effective, saves costly damage to flooring caused by incorrect maintenance products and procedures.Regular deep cleaning and stripping
  • Floors returned to perfect cleanliness and appearance, ensures compliance with H&S requirements and risk assessments, ensures compliance with manufacturer’s Warranty requirements
  • Regular application of a protective polymer seal
  • Floors protected against wear and scratches, avoid slips and trips caused by slippery floors, ensures compliance with H&S requirements and risk assessments.
  • Regular floor inspection to identify wear and damage
  • Minor damage can quickly spread and lead to replacement costs, where possible minor damage may be rectified immediately, ‘A stitch in time saves 9’, ensures compliance with H&S requirements and risk assessments.
  • Initial Cleaning staff consultation
  • Recommended cleaning regime instructions
  • Deep clean and strip – Every 6 months
  • Polymer Seal – Every 12 months
  • Floor condition inspection – Every 6 months
  • Initial Cleaning staff consultation
  • Recommended cleaning regime instructions
  • Deep clean and strip – Every 3 months
  • Polymer Seal – Every 6 months
  • Floor condition inspection – Every 3 months
  • Initial Cleaning staff consultation
  • Application of a PU seal
  • Recommended cleaning regime instructions
  • Deep clean and strip – Every 3 months
  • Polymer Seal – Every 6 months
  • Floor condition inspection – Every 3 months

Popular Questions

Whenever we install a new floor we provide the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance. We recommend that these instructions are followed carefully to ensure that incorrect maintenance does not damage the floor or invalidate the guarantee.

This would be specified in the manufacturers instruction. When we install a new floor we now give a free maintenance pack to start you off. Some manufacturers only recommend their own cleaning materials which are sometimes difficult to obtain. Our new online shop will soon offer a full range of cleaning materials from each manufacturer we deal with.

Major sanding and sealing of wood floors can be a lengthy process, however a deep clean and application of a seal can usually be carried out during your closing hours.

This will depend upon the amount of foot traffic and contamination, but in commercial premises usually every 6 to 12 months. Our new Annual Floor Maintenance Contract will provide a regular schedule specific to your needs for the cleaning and maintenance required to keep your floors in perfect condition.

All InVision Interiors Clients can call on us to carry out minor repairs. If damage is dealt with quickly it will ensure that the damage does not spread.

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