Decorative Wall Panels in Cornwall

Being at eye level, walls are generally the first thing you notice when entering a room. Certainly paint or wallpaper are the most economical way to decorate walls, however the range of natural materials and textured effects that are available as wall panelling can completely transform the character of any room.

Timber Walls bring warmth, character and elegance. Timber panelling has been utilised for covering walls for hundreds of years. With numerous wood species and colours to choose from,  the décor styles that can be achieved are endless. Styles may be contemporary or traditional depending on the size, staining, and spacing of the panelling

Textured Wall Panels may replicate natural materials such as brickwork or stone or may be of a sleek, contemporary design. Use of lighting will bring the three dimensional surface to life.

Altro Whiterock Satins are available in a range of solid, satin-finish shades – from subtle pastels through to vivid brights and the glossy vibrant colours of Altro Chameleon can be used where aesthetics are important and you want to create a particular mood or make a bold statement.

Feature Walls: All you need is one fabulous feature wall to really make a room stand out and bring the ‘wow’ factor to the whole room. The obvious reason for showcasing one wall in a room is to add a creative element — in other words, to jazz up a boring room. But highlighting a wall also has more subtle and transforming design benefits. Depending on the finish or colour used, a feature wall can seemingly enlarge a small room. Distinguishing a wall also can help define that space for a specific function, for example using a feature wall is to define a dining area in a living space

Popular Questions

No. Although any obstructions such as sockets may need to be moved, the panelling can be installed over almost any existing wall finish. Uneven walls can be easily levelled with battening.

When a wall is panelled it is the ideal time to hide away electrical cables, speaker wires etc. LED lighting can be used to add an entirely new dimension.

Some specialist finishes may be costly while others are extremely economical. If the existing wall is in poor condition you may well find that it costs less to panel a wall than it does to re-plaster and decorate it!

There are specialist products with excellent acoustic properties but even with standard wall panels acoustic layers can be installed behind the panelling to create an effective barrier to the transfer of sound through the wall.

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