Ideal for homes, offices, classrooms and reception areas, carpet tiles provide the comfort and acoustic properties of carpet, but with the added benefit of being able to combine multiple designs into a bespoke design floor. They are also longer-lasting and easier to maintain, as a damaged tile can simply be replaced (unlike regular carpet, where the entire floor would need to be replaced). 

The possibilities for your flooring layout are endless. You can mix and match colours, textures shapes and styles to create a trendy design that is unique to you.

Sustainable Flooring

  • Made from recycled raw materials
  • Free from harmful substances, solvents & PVC
  • Low VOC emmissions
  • Complies with EU REACH standards

Popular Questions

First, your sub-floor may need to be prepared to ensure that it is clean, sturdy and even. The tiles are then expertly installed one by one and glued to the sub-floor underneath to prevent movement.
One huge benefit of carpet tiles is that if your floor becomes damaged, only the affected tile needs to be removed and replaced. This is far more cost-effective than regular carpets, where your entire floor would need to be replaced.
We recommend that you vacuum your floor using a brush vacuum to remove dirt and retain the appearance of the carpet’s pile. This should be done daily in areas of high foot traffic (eg. offices), or once per week in areas with normal traffic. Any marks should be cleaned off straight away with a clean damp cloth.
Our carpet tiles have the highest standard in fire safety. They’ve earned a Bfl-s1 classification, the highest possible class for textile floor covering. Certified to the European EN13501-1 standard, they comply with the strictest European regulations for fire safety
The carpet tiles we supply adhere to numerous environmental programs for low-emitting materials, including the strict EU REACH criteria, and are certified by BRE. The VOC measurements for our carpet tiles are 0.5 mg/m³ or less. They are also free from harmful substances, solvents & PVC.

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