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The Altro Whiterock System

Altro Whiterock is a versatile, sophisticated and hygienic wall cladding in a range of functional and neutral shades.

Thinking of replacing ceramic wall tiles with a proven, high performance option? Consider Altro Whiterock – the hygienic alternative to tiles that’s impact resistant, grout-free and easy to clean. Its smooth surface makes it a top choice for healthcare — in which sterile areas are of utmost importance.

Altro Whiterock White is HACCP approved and is made from a high-quality, food-safe PVCu polymer that can handle temperatures up to 140°F /60°C. This makes it particularly suitable for use in commercial kitchens too.

Combine with Altro safety flooring for a fully integrated, water resistant finish perfect for showers and other wet environments. This versatile and sophisticated wall cladding is available in a range of functional and neutral shades.While it is great by itself, Altro Whiterock is designed to work as part of an integrated system with Altro Flooring.

Wet environments

Altro have been specialists in safety flooring and hygienic wall cladding systems for wet environments for more than 30 years. Their solutions have been developed to help prevent slips in areas where people are often at their most vulnerable, but also help promote hygiene, minimising opportunities for bacteria growth and improving cleanability.

Most buildings have wet environments that will be used by a wide variety of people: that’s a lot of individuals to keep safe Wet environments are not just about water; it’s also what we use in those areas, including shower gel and shampoo. The slip risks that these contaminants create are potentially dangerous and could cause serious accidents. Slips and falls aren’t the only consideration in wet environments. Indoor humidity and poor cleaning can lead to build-ups of bacteria and mould, which can impact health as well as the appearance of the rooms.

Altro safety flooring and wall cladding solutions for wet environments can be used independently, or together, to create the environment that you need.

Staff who look after residents or patients in wet environments, as well as cleaners, can be at risk of slipping and the law says they need to be protected.

Commercial Kitchens

Altro were the first company to innovate a complete system of compatible hygienic wall cladding and safety flooring. As the system is fully integrated, it fits together perfectly to provide a hygienic, watertight solution. No gaps or rough edges, just a smooth, uninterrupted surface – even around plug sockets, light switches and corners.

The system offers the best possible protection against bacteria, bugs and vermin. Altro’s integrated floor and hygienic wall cladding system makes cleaning easier too.

Altro have specifically designed their integrated system to address the issues commonly found in kitchens – slips, contamination, cleaning and maintenance. The Altro system doesn’t just protect the people who use it; it also protects the environment and those responsible for the health and safety of employees and visitors.But safety is not the only consideration. Altro Whiterock and Altro Stronghold 30 work together to give you a varied and exciting colour palette. So from traditional to contemporary, you can go as bold as you dare.

Altro thoroughly test their products, exceeding industry standards for safety and hygiene to ensure you have the best solution for your business.

Altro whiterock vs. ceramic tiles

Watertight and fully sealed

Ceramic tiles with standard grouting absorb significant amounts of water, compromising hygiene; Altro Whiterock doesn’t absorb a drop, and is compliant with the European Directive on the Hygiene of Foodstuffs

Altro Whiterock doesn’t crack.

Altro Whiterock wall cladding has extremely high resistance to impact according to BS EN438-2-1991 Drop Ball Test. Impacts that leave ceramic faces damaged and vulnerable to water ingress barely make a scratch on this tough surface.

The same is true for the cladding’s thermoformed corners – an area where ceramic tiles are particularly vulnerable.

Altro Whiterock also has an excellent fire rating: Class 1 and Class 0; BS476, Parts 6 and 7; B-S3-D0, EN13501-1

Resistant to damage.

Independent tests were carried out where Altro Whiterock and ceramic tiles were subjected to five hairline scratches, five point impacts with a dropped small kitchen knife, and a combination of three scratches and two point impacts. Water was then applied to the front face and ingress measured after 24 hours. Unlike the tiled surface, no damage was visible on Altro Whiterock after this treatment.

Altro Whiterock provides a smooth, tough, durable, stain-resistant surface with good chemical resistance.

Fewer maintenance needsThe lifetime cost (over 25 years) of Altro Whiterock is 20% lower than ceramic tiles. This is because ceramic tiles produce maintenance problems that Altro Whiterock doesn’t – such as staining, grout cracking and individual tile failure. And because Altro Whiterock creates fewer issues, there is less need to spend time and money inspecting surface.

Popular Questions

There are a range of different joints to meet a range of different needs, including aesthetics, water-tightness, and safety and security. Choose from welded joints, Altro Whiterock FlexiJoint, standard two-part trims, and more.

Altro Whiterock is constructed from the highest quality virgin-grade PVC, with a tight molecular structure that prevents the ingress of moisture and odour. It incorporates stabilisers for excellent UV stability and won’t discolour over time.

Altro wall cladding and resilient flooring have proved their value time and time again in a wide range of environments. Altro are so confident in the long-term performance of Altro Whiterock that they provide a 20-year product guarantee on most ranges, giving you the assurance that Altro Whiterock (when maintained and used as intended) will perform at least this long to your complete satisfaction.

Some companies use inferior wall panelling which is simply stuck to the wall with silicone in a ‘dot and dab’ method. When we install Altro Whiterock we know it’s going to last for many years so we fully adhere every panel with Altro waterproof adhesive. Like it’s name – it’s solid as a rock!

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