From a playing perspective, the sports floor surface is probably the most important item of equipment in any sport facility. Shoes play an important part in reducing the strain on knees, ankles and backs. But equally important is choosing the right floor – a floor with the right kind of resilience that yields and resists when it should help to reduces injuries and enhance the enjoyment of the activity.

Hardwood is one of the most widely used materials in the construction of sports floor surfaces. It is available in a variety of ‘area elastic’ systems with hardwood strips, veneers on engineered boards, all suspended on various forms of resilient pads.

Vinyl provides a high degree of shock absorption, uniformity, and comfort for athletes. It is ideal for many activities, but it really excels in multipurpose gymnasiums.If your area will host not only sports, but also social events, a good choice might be a shock absorbing vinyl floor.


Recreational level indoor athletics can take place on a multi-sport floor with appropriate grip and shock absorbency. Protective mats can be used to protect the floor for throwing activities. See UK Athletics Website.

Combined elastic floors with a stable surface that allows balance, slide, and turn on an energy absorbing undercarriage are regarded as most suitable. For multi-use community and school projects an easily cleaned vinyl floor with an integrated energy absorbing backing can be satisfactory. See Dance UK Website.

The level of friction between the players shoe and surface can be a critical. See Badminton England Website.

Consistency of ball rebound across the surface is critical a high level of shock absorption is required for safety and comfort of players. See England Basketball Website.

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All types of commercial grade vinyls would suit most areas perfectly, however we would suggest various products for particular areas, such as heavy duty rubber flooring for weights areas.

Yes. We offer a sanding and sealing service on wood floors using the very latest sanding and dust control equipment. We can carry out repairs as required throughout and compliment the finished job with line marking if required. We offer a range of seals and finishes to meet all requirements.

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