Commercial Kitchen - First and Last Inn

When the new owners took over the First and Last Inn it was imperative that the kitchen met the high standards of their other establishments. Rather than making a few cosmetic changes they sensibly adopted a long-term perspective and asked us to completely re-surface the floors walls and ceilings of the kitchen – The Complete Altro Solution.Floors, walls and ceilings are merged together to provide a completely hygienic surface. The welded joints of the floor, the coved perimeters of the floors and walls together with the thermo-formed corners of the walls ensure that all surfaces can be kept to the highest standards of cleanliness.

Project Details

  • Latex Smoothing of sub-floor
  • Heavy Duty Safety Flooring with coved perimeters
  • Fully Adhered Hygienic Wall Panelling
  • Hygienic Ceiling Panelling
  • Altro Stronghold Safety Flooring – Lagoon
  • Altro Whiterock Hygiene Walls
  • Altro Whiterock Hygiene Ceiling
  • Stainless Steel Cladding