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The Importance of Safety Flooring

Whether it’s a commercial kitchen, bathroom or changing room facility, safety flooring installed by a professional is a must. Both wet and dry contaminants on regular flooring create a dangerous environment where slips and falls are more likely.

What is Safety Flooring?

Safety flooring incorporates aggregates into the vinyl to create friction between the floor and the sole of a shoe (or bare foot). Many different types of safety flooring are available, from heavy duty commercial flooring to attractive floor designs for domestic use. It’s an efficient, durable solution that’s completely waterproof and easy to clean.

Why is Safety Flooring Important?

A wet film only needs to be 1-2 μm thick to prevent complete contact between a shoe and the floor. This means that in any environment where spillages or surface water is present, the floor must be slip resistant to prevent falls. In the workplace, suitable flooring is a must (as outlined in Health & Safety law). Additionally, safety flooring is extremely hygienic and has a lifespan of 10-20 years. This makes it a great long-term solution for both commercial and domestic properties.

According to statistics from 2015/6, 19% of all non-fatal injuries at work were caused by slips and trips. These can be prevented with a safe flooring solution.

Read more about safety flooring on our website or book a free consultation to discuss the possibility of installing safety flooring at your home or business.

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