Transform Learning Environments with Altro

Schools, colleges and universities need to be able to cope with the demands of creative learning whilst being a safe, hygienic environment for students and teachers alike. If your school or other learning establishment is beginning to look tired and in need of renovation, consider installing durable, high-quality products such

Choosing The Right Flooring For Your Home

Looking to redecorate your home or decide on the materials for a new build? The flooring you choose has a huge impact on the style of your interior, and determines how much time you will need to spend cleaning and maintaining your floor. Here at InVision Interiors, we’ve put together this

Flooring and The Environment

If you’re environmentally conscious, you’re probably wondering how the flooring manufacturing process impacts the Earth. Here at InVision Interiors, we work with leading suppliers who create exceptional products that are not only durable and beautiful, but also manufactured with the environment in mind. Hardwood Flooring The fact that hardwood flooring is

Combining Colours & Textures with Design Floors

When choosing new flooring, the most common option is to choose one colour and flooring type for the whole area. However, a combination of colours and decors will break up an expansive area and make your flooring part of the décor, not just something to walk on! Different styles of Hardwood can

Create Striking Feature Walls with Panel Piedra

When we think of feature walls, we might automatically think of wallpaper or paint. But decorative wall panels are becoming a unique and bold way to create a focus point in any room. Whilst wooden walls are more traditional, Panel Piedra offers a selection of stone panels designed to mimic

The Importance of Regular Floor Maintenance

In commercial settings, floors have to withstand a lot of foot traffic and daily wear. Whilst any damage such as dents and scratches can normally be repaired, it’s always best to have a regular floor maintenance program in place to prevent damage and to continually protect the floor. Floor maintenance,

Interior Solutions for Bathrooms & Wet Rooms

Thought that bathrooms had to consist of ceramic wall tiles and dated lino floors? Think again! Bathrooms and wet rooms don’t have to be high maintenance. Waterproof wall panels and various types of waterproof flooring make your bathroom very resistant to mould and damp, whilst being easy to clean and looking

Interior Solutions for Hotels

From your guest’s initial impression of the reception and communal areas right through to the look and feel of their hotel room, the interior choices you make have a huge impact on your guests experience. Whether your hotel is stylish and luxurious, or clean and minimal, you need to choose your

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