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5 Reasons to Install Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels are made from a sound absorbing material that’s designed to dampen sound within a room to prevent excessive noise and echoing in large or noisy areas. Restaurants, schools, shopping centres, museums, offices and leisure centres are just a few examples of areas where noise can become a problem. The installation of sound absorbing panels prevents unwanted noise and creates a calmer, quieter environment. Here are 5 reasons to consider installing this product at your business:

Noisy Venues Are a Customer Turn-Off

We’ve all had bad experiences with noisy environments, whether it was a crowded restaurant, deafening espresso machine at a coffee shop, or when a relaxing swim at a leisure centre turned into a noisy nightmare. In fact, charity Action On Hearing Loss claims that 80% of people they polled said they had left a restaurant early due to noise levels. According to the charity, noise levels in some restaurants can top 90 decibels, which is the equivalent of a motorcycle at a 25ft distance away.

It’s not just restaurants that suffer. Activity centres and shops can also develop a problem with excessive noise, discouraging customers from returning. With acoustic panels, you can significantly dampen the sound within the room and create a calmer space for your visitors.

Loud Noise Can Cause Hearing Damage

In general, any sound over 85 dB can cause hearing damage, especially if exposed to the noise for a long period of time. This means that frequently visiting loud areas such as noisy offices, rackety restaurants and echoing classrooms can lead to hearing problems and even hearing loss. Chefs, office workers, bartenders, waiters and teachers are among those at a high risk of developing hearing loss later on in life due to their occupation.

By minimising the development of unwanted noise with acoustic panels, you can help to prevent the development of hearing damage in your staff and patrons.

A Quieter Workplace Boosts Productivity

Research shows that office workers are losing as much as 86 minutes a day due to distractions, and only 30% are satisfied with the noise levels in their office. The open plan layout of most offices, combined with the hard, smooth surfaces, allows sound to reflect and create harsh echoes, amplifying the noise in the workplace. Loud offices cause stress and disrupt communication, leading to a drop in productivity and motivation. The World Health Organisation estimates that the annual cost to Europe from excessive noise levels is £30 billion, due to lost working days, healthcare costs and reduced productivity.

Acoustic panelling can improve the productivity, mood, and well-being of your employees by providing them with a quiet, calming space to work. Happy staff = happy customers!

Ecophon Panels Improve Air Quality

Our acoustic panel supplier, Ecophon, use sustainable products made from plant based materials, as opposed to oil based binders. Their panels meet even the strictest criteria for low-emitting construction products, contributing towards a better indoor environment. Poor air quality can cause eye irritation, headaches and coughing, and can be especially problematic for those sensitive to indoor particles such as people with asthma and allergies.

The installation of sound absorbing panels from Ecophon will improve air quality whilst reducing excess noise levels.

Better Health & Well-Being

New research has found that regular exposure to sound above 65 decibels can increase the risk of a heart attack by 10%. Aside from reduced stressed, improved productivity and a lower risk of hearing damage, controlling sound levels can also help to lower blood pressure and heart rate and therefore potentially lower the risk of a heart attack. Pregnant women, the elderly, and people with heart conditions are more susceptible to the harmful effects of loud noise.

You can improve the well-being of your employees and visitors and create a friendlier environment for those with existing health issues by installing acoustic panels at your business.

Learn more about Acoustic Panels on our website or contact us for a Free Consultation if your business could benefit from the installation of sound absorbing panels.

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